Find your collective & reclaim your wild

What will you learn in the Wild Collective?

  • Find the sisterhood that can support your health transformation and help you thrive in life…
  • Create meaningful connections…
  • Transform your health without the struggle of doing it alone…
  • Connect physiology to intuition so that you can reclaim your WILD…

20 hours of one-to-one consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor can cost $5,000.

The daily cost for this valuable program is less than a cup of coffee. What you earn from your investment is sisterhood and the tools for lifelong health transformation.

We believe you are worth it. We hope you agree.

You crave to understand your body better…

You want to feel empowered to self-advocate with health professionals, AND you know deep down that a collective of women who have your back will help you succeed.

The Wild Collective has supported so many women before you on the reclamation of their wild…

…we are on a soul driven mission to spread the magic like wild fire and help others like you.

  • You deserve a curriculum that empowers you with knowledge.
  • You deserve access to a deeper understanding of integrative medicine.
  • You deserve to understand what health looks like.
  • You deserve to know what laboratory tests can help provide clarity about what is going on in your body.

This curriculum will provide evidence-based natural solutions that support vitalism.

Health care offered in a one-on-one model is essential for individualized care. Yet, after 12 years of private practice I can tell you that enduring health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community.

And it is a lot more fun!




When women join The Wild Collective they feel empowered, deeply connected to themselves, their intuition and to each other. They are brave, they lean in, trust their potential and advocate for superior healthcare.

They fill their cup so that they can care for those around them, they are boundaried and more generous.

Introducing the Wild Collective

The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like-minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life.

Find Your Circle, Reclaim Your Wild

The Wild Collective is a 10-month women’s health curriculum.   Each session will promote sharing of stories, wisdom and insight.  You will learn about the 10 most important aspects of female general wellness.

You will feel empowered, you will feel heard, you will feel supported, and you will experience connection like you haven’t yet before.

My Menstrual Cycle

Women’s sex hormones & how to be tested properly.
Learn how your Menstrual Cycle is your superpower.

My Digestion

Breakdown the physiology of your digestive system
and the importance of trusting your gut.

My Detoxification

Learn the physiology and science behind detoxification.
What do you need to detox from your life?

My Thyriod

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
Begin to speak your truth.

My Vision

Goals & planning.
Gain clarity on your mission & purpose.

My Sleep & My Stress

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
Gain resiliency through challenges.

My Breasts & My Yoni

Physiology breakdown & how to be tested properly.
Connecting to your feminine power.

My Brain & My Mood

Physiology of the brain and how it affects our mood.
Master your mindset.

My Blood Sugar Regulation

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
How to elevate & feel energized everyday.

Our Divine Feminine

Physiology + Intuition.
Affirm your knowledge of feminine power.

Finding Your Sisterhood and Reclaiming Your Wild Is Within Reach

World wide collective


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Meet Your Wild Collective Facilitator

Dr. O’Brien is one of Northern Ontario’s leading Naturopathic Doctors and the clinical director at Pure Wellness Group. With over 12 years of experience, she has a great passion for empowering others to improve their own health – and thereby their quality of life – through naturopathic and functional medicine.

Join the hundreds of women who were brave enough to go on this journey and not only transformed their health but also discovered their superpower.

10 sessions are all you need to learn about women’s health, alongside a healthy dose of sisterhood.

Remember, the bonus offer expires at midnight on September 27th!

Be Wild, it’s good for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a session?

All power point presentations and handouts will be uploaded to your groups’ Wild Collective Facebook Group.

Is this program for extroverts & introverts?

Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles.  We have moments & events that energize the extroverts and we have events that support and nourish the needs of the introverts.  Its win/win.

What is the flow of these sessions?

50% Sisterhood/ Connection

50% Women’s health curriculum

100% Wild reclamation

Is the community & connection as powerful as a virtual experience as it is as a in person experience?

We have been privileged enough to host The Wild Collective sessions virtually and in person and there has been no compromise with regards to the connection amongst the wild women.  If connection is what you crave, we have you covered, we have researched, invested and poured our hearts into ensuring we have strategies in place so that this is a powerful dose of sisterhood.

Is this targeted to a specific age group or health condition for women?

Quick answer: No! Absolutely not.

We crave to have a diverse collective of women, different ages, life experiences we all have something to offer and we all can learn and benefit from the collective experience.  We are in love with celebrating women at every age. Historically women hung out together in a Tribe, we are just kicking it old school.  Once you experience the magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.

What if I don’t want to share?

There is no pressure to share at all.  Although we have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love sharing… (true story) That could be due to the way we do sisterhood different.  Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Wild Collective connection experience.


Want to be on our waitlist for our next semester? Sign up so you can be the first to know when we open up registration!