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Did you know? …

  • Obesity is a DISEASE all of its own?
  • Being overweight or obese leads to other chronic diseases that costs our healthcare system COUNTLESS dollars?
  • Just like quitting smoking, managing your weight is one of THE most IMPORTANT ways to prevent illness?
  • That 61% of SUDBURY RESIDENTS are overweight or obese? Yes, 61%!
  • That YOU CAN effectively manage your weight, feel better, and prevent disease?
At Pure Wellness Group, we offer an


approach to Weight Loss. Our Programs are tailored to eliminate the
causes behind YOUR weight gain.

What Causes Weight Gain?

Weight issues can result from a number of underlying causes. For example lifestyle factors, blood sugar irregularities, poor sleep, genetics, hormonal imbalances, medications, and emotional trauma can all contribute to weight gain.

How do the Naturopathic Doctors at Pure Wellness Group address Weight Management?

Our program includes a thorough medical intake, laboratory results, a full physical examination and a unique treatment plan that is tailored to your individual health profile. Our naturopathic approach to weight management may include nutritional recommendations, exercise guidelines, detoxification and interventions to address any underlying factors such as hormonal support, blood sugar regulation and mood stabilization.

What Weight Management Programs does
Pure Wellness Group offer?

The Integrative Weight Management Program

The Integrative Weight Management Program at Pure Wellness Group is a long-term lifestyle change rather than a quick-fix diet.

Weight loss can occur naturally and steadily when the body’s metabolism is functioning well and when you are feeding your body with the appropriate fuel.

This program is a unique, scientifically based nutrition program. It determines the best food for each person on the basis of his/her individual hormonal system, metabolism and genetics.

This program helps to improve metabolism and to successfully reduce weight over the long term without yo-yo effect.

This is NOT a diet – it is a medical nutritional concept. The application and consultation is therefore solely provided by certified medical practitioners.

On the basis of a comprehensive metabolic analysis and taking into account genetic information (including blood type) and present health status, there will be an individually created nutritional plan with the best food for you.

With this plan, you receive a clear guide that will help you to manage your new and personal nutritional program successfully. You will quickly notice that you can feel more healthy, vital and slim with the right nutrition.

The Metabolic Reset

The Metabolic Reset is an advanced weight loss program. It is a supervised program that is safe and has been developed to help people not only lose the weight, but also keep it off.

This program is designed to guide patients through a low calorie diet without experiencing irritability, hunger pains, headaches or weakness.

This program not only helps patients lose weight, but encourages fat loss, and a very particular type of fat. If you’ve tried dieting, perhaps diet after diet, and found that the weight comes back, it’s because diets rarely rid us of the one kind of fat that most needs to be eliminated.

Weight Loss IV Solutions

Research shows that particular nutrients are essential to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Our Weight Loss IV Solution contains a combination of nutrients that are essential for cellular energy production, healthy insulin and blood sugar levels, and fat metabolism. As part of one of our Weight Management Programs, this treatment may improve weight loss outcomes.