Pure Wellness promotes GIA Wellness


On average, we drive a staggering 540 hours each year. Throughout the past decade, advanced navigation and communication technologies have turned cars into major electromagnetic radiation (EMR) zones. Battery-powered hybrid cars present an even bigger concern, emitting significant amounts of EMR. Considering the importance of alertness and safety while driving, it is essential that we surround ourselves with the right kind of energy. Introducing the GIA Car Harmonizer – the most convenient way to enjoy an energetically harmonious environment in your car. Simply place the GIA Car Harmonizer in your car’s center console or attach it to your key-chain, and enjoy! In addition to its incredible energetic qualities, the Car Harmonizer also features a convenient, environmentally friendly solar charger for a number of your electronic devices, as well as a bright LED flashlight. The GIA Car Harmonizer is the smart, 21st century way to assist with stress everywhere your drive takes you.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones, PDA’s, Bluetooth headsets, etc. has been linked to various stress-induced health issues. We subject ourselves to this overbearing external stressor every day. The GIA Cell Guard allows you to use your cell phone, smart phone, Bluetooth or PDA with the peace of mind you deserve. Utilizing the proprietary GIAplex technology, the GIA Cell Guard actively works to neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation, while supporting the body’s resilience to stress at the same time.


The GIA Harmonizer is the newest and most advanced way to create an energetically harmonious environment in your home or office. This innovative device is the result of intensive research and development in the field of bioenergetics and electro-sensitivity. The Harmonizer’s convenient size makes it the perfect travel companion, so you can create an energetically harmonious environment anywhere you go!


The patented i-H2O Activation System is the most profound hydration technology available today. This easy-to-use wellness breakthrough allows you to transform ordinary, filtered water into ultra-hydrating, “living water” within 30 minutes. During the automated i-H2O Activation process, the chaotic structure of water molecules is transformed into a single-file alignment, mimicking our body’s own natural state of healthy cell water, thus creating optimally energized, bio-available water. http://www.giawellness.ca/purewellness/