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thai massage and trager approach to massage

Thai massage

Learn to receive stretching, rocking, and acupressure.  Energy blockages can be released with improved breathing, circulation, flexibility, posture and energy flow.

Come for your Thai massage wearing loose, flexible clothing. While lying on a padded floor mat, your muscles will be gently warmed up and softened. Then I will take you into a flowing, rhythmic series of yoga-like stretches, as far as is comfortable for you.

Let your whole body relax and be moved as I use hands, forearms, elbows, and knees to facilitate gentle release of tension, tight muscles, trauma and stress. . Improve your breathing, circulation, flexibility, posture and energy flow.

For more information about Thai massage you may visit:


Trager Approach to Massage

This comfortable, flowing relaxation experience is unlike any other style of hands on massage.

I lead you into a gentle, deep and sometimes rhythmic movement experience. You may be partially or fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. I offer gentle invitations for change through touch and movement, responding to your unique experience.

Following your massage, you will feel a softening of muscles, improved range of motion in joints, and greater ease, freedom and flow throughout your body.

For more information about Trager massage, please visit:

www.Trager.ca and www.Trager.com