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At Pure Wellness Group, you will be part of your health care conversation. Yes, it will be an actual conversation. We will talk about all of your symptoms and work together on a whole body solution to resolve your outstanding health issues. We will also talk about all your treatment options, not just the ones that involve a prescription or surgery. We don’t think there is much point in having multidisciplinary team expertise if we don’t share it with you.



Part of our integrative care philosophy involves symptomatic relief from your present symptoms. We will always be focused on the root cause of your symptoms but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel comfort and relief while we work together to balance out your body. By not compartmentalizing symptoms or treatment protocols, we can look at your unique situation and create a health plan tailored to your needs.



Many of our patients have come to us because they wanted better service from their primary care doctor. At Pure Wellness Group, we believe you deserve more one-on-one time with your health care practitioners. We know how important it is to take the time to listen. Not only do you deserve to be heard, you are also in the best position to tell us how you feel. That makes sense, right? We think so.



There is nothing more frustrating than not being answered, especially when the questions are about your health. At Pure Wellness Group, we respect you enough to answer your questions and address your concerns. We also include health education as a component of our services so that you understand how your body works and what needs to happen to increase your present level of health. We believe you have the right to know. 



Integrative Medicine:
The Best of Both Worlds


At Pure Wellness Group, we offer integrative medicine that looks at you as a whole person, not just the sum of your symptoms. Our multidisciplinary team of health care practitioners combines modern diagnostic techniques and treatments with traditional systems of medicine that have stood the test of time.

We listen and we include you in the decisions about your own health care. Together, we will create a health care plan to alleviate your symptoms while identifying and dealing with the root cause.   We offer a health and wellness environment that looks and feels more nurturing than clinical, but don’t let appearances fool you. We offer decades of collective experience in numerous modalities for individualized care.

Pure Wellness Group is the most comprehensive naturopathic health and wellness clinic in Northern Ontario, and we’re located right here in Sudbury.  Our philosophy of holistic care includes respecting your right to be part of your own health plan. Our integrative approach to your health care involves health education and self-management techniques to support the combination of lifestyle changes, clinical nutrition, whole foods, botanical therapies, homeopathic remedies and traditional Chinese medicine that is best for you.

Together, we will create a health care plan to alleviate your symptoms while identifying and dealing with the root cause.   At Pure Wellness Group, you are not just a list of symptoms, you are a person. We’re not satisfied with just alleviating your symptoms. We want to identify and treat the root cause – to get you back to your optimum health and wellness levels as soon as possible.

At Pure Wellness Group, our multidisciplinary team consists of health care professionals who see you as a person, not an appointment. We will work with you to eliminate symptoms as opposed to suppressing them. We will keep your best interests in mind and respect your right to have the final say in your health care plan.