Incredible Nutrient Boosting

Energy Boosting

Energy IV therapies are a variety of solutions that give you a boost of nutrients to help you simply get through the week or to rebuild after long periods of stress.

Which Energy IV Therapies does Pure Wellness Group offer?

Quick Drip
This is a low dose combination of vitamins and minerals that can be used as a quick “pick me up” or part of a regular program to support healthy function.

Nutritional Boost
A stronger concentration of nutrients, this IV can be used in more moderate states of low energy. Again, this can be used as needed or part of a regular program to combat general fatigue.

Weekend Recovery
This is the perfect detoxifying IV for those who have busy social schedules and find it difficult to recover after a jam-packed weekend.

This treatment is geared towards more severe states of low energy or chronic fatigue. This is a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace minerals to boost a severely exhausted system.