BHRT: An Anti-Aging Strategy

As a naturopathic doctor, when I use the term “anti-aging therapy” I am referring to more than just reducing laugh lines and firming up the skin around the neck area. Anti-aging therapy has come a long way since the days when Hollywood and television networks began shining a harsh spotlight on the faces of their stars. It’s true that the aging process affects our skin but it goes far below the surface.

Anti-aging therapy addresses the body as a whole (inside and out). Thanks to the work of leading researchers, a number of scientific discoveries regarding our biological make-up have revealed that it is quite possible to literally slow down the aging process. Slowing down the aging process allows us to influence the health we enjoy in our later years. By taking advantage of new technological developments, we can actually increase the distance between our chronological age and our biological age.

Keeping that reality in mind, I want to share with you the five proven secrets to longevity:
1. Anti-aging hormones replacement
2. Anti-aging nutritional supplements
3. Anti-aging precision exercise
4. Anti-aging diet
5. Anti-aging stress reduction

Hormone replacement therapy has been available for years, however many of the synthetically produced compounds that pharmaceutical companies create have been linked to serious side effects that compromise the health of the individual taking them. In my practice, I recommend Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) as a safe, natural alternative to synthetic hormones.

BHRT uses plant-derived hormones that are structurally identical to the hormones produced in the human body. They are prescribed by a doctor and closely monitored. This ensures safe, effective results that address the individual’s personal hormonal deficiencies, imbalances and health goals. BHRT has become the foundation in anti-aging programs. Physicians and scientists trained in the science of anti-aging have produced hundreds of research articles showing the merits of BHRT in slowing the aging process. In fact, anti-aging physicians around the world have been prescribing BHRT for more than 20 years. BHRT slows the progression of aging, including age-related changes in appearance. Skin elasticity stays firmer and there is less wrinkling of the skin for more years than you would have anticipated.

Patients using BHRT report higher levels of vitality than they were experiencing before beginning hormonal therapy. Their outlook on life improves, leading to an overall sense of well-being and cheerfulness. Many report enjoying a healthier sex life.

Pure Wellness Group has a decade of experience in the area of BHRT. We recommend that everyone considering hormone therapy should remember that one size does not fit all. Hormone therapy is a precise science that measures a variety of important factors before determining the bio-identical hormonal compound that is right for you.

If you are interested in learning more about BHRT, or if you are considering alternatives to synthetic hormone therapy, talk to your doctor or consult with one of our trained naturopathic doctors. We would be happy to discuss your health issues and concerns, monitor the ongoing benefits of BHRT and assist you in obtaining the proper, independent prescription for your hormone replacement goals.